Top most expensive car in the world


Everyone love these most expensive cars of the world 2010. One of the most popular men toys is expensive cars. It is the richest men pride. In this era, recession did buy a number of people of have enough money to these most expensive cars. These cars are very expensive because their detailing in production, speed over them. Take so one by one starting a look at the most expensive cars with the first
1. Koenigsegg Trevita: $2.21 Millions
Only three units are produced. Koenigsegg Trevita to Koenigsegg CCXR has conceived and based new shimmering diamond graphite, called "Trevita" in Swedish means "Three whites". 
These three cars completely with Koenigsegg shimmering diamond weave body equipped with double C wing, paddle shift, Inconell exhaust system, carbon ceramic brakes with ABS, lift system, infotainment system, tire is hydraulic system, Chrono instrument and special airbags.The navigation system also developed custom only for this model for the Koenigsegg machine at the same 1018bhp motor. Developed specifically for this model, the outdoor painting fully in Sweden headquarters, at Koenigsegg. 

2. Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport $2 Millions / $1.67 Millions
This car is the world’s fastest roadster. The company claims that Bugatti Veyron 16.4 grand sport can reach the top speed of 407 km/h and speed of 360 km/h with the roof off. Its special feature is the removable roof. In case it rains, an innovative folding roof stored in the luggage compartment can be opened up like an umbrella at any time. When this folding roof is in place, the car can travel at up to 130 km/h. The car is powered by an 8 litre engine with 16 cylinders and is assembled by hand at the company’s hand head quarters Molsheim in France.Traits with 2.7 inch LCD mirror..
3. Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster: $1.8 Millions
There are only 5 units available and on sale go. Chassis made of carbon Titan. Powered to 678 PS Mercedes AMG V12 to 3.4 seconds reaches 100 km / hour. Reach maximum speed 217 hours miles. The body carbon and suspension is using titanium and magnesium.
4. Lamborghini Reventón Roadster: $1.56 Millions

Car design is inspired by stealth aircraft display. This car with V12 650 HP engine. Can reach top speed of 340kms hours.The car is very easy because the body is made by using carbon fiber materials
 5. Lamborghini Reventón: $1.42 Millions

The RC car was built by De Agostini and has more features than some production models: a two-stroke 3cc petrol engine, a two-speed transmission, and permanent four-wheel drive. For "optimum road holding", designers installed an independent suspension, hydraulic shocks, and disc brakes.Not yet clear whether this old version of Reventon is still available. Only 20 units have made, This car created using black aluminum rim, like the newer version of roadster, the design is inspired by fighter aircraft.
6. Maybach Landaulet: $1.4 Millions
This car is most expensive cars brand from Germany. The Maybach Landaulet study is powered by the uprated V12 engine that Maybach engineers developed for the Maybach 57 S and Maybach 62 S. Thanks to twin turbochargers and water intercooling, the V12 develops a maximum output of 612 hp and 738 pound-feet of torque. 
 7. Koenigsegg CCXR : $1.3 Millions
Koenigsegg CCXR is another variation of Koenigsegg CCX, signed in eco-friendly cars. Use this car biofuels must 250 hour miles distance 3.1 seconds to 100 km / hours, with maximum speed. 
8.  Koenigsegg CCX: $1.1 Millions
Koenigsegg CCX CC has a V8 compressor engine with a capacity of 4700. The engine provides an output power of 806 HP at 6900 rpm and 678 lb-ft of torque at 5700 RPM. It can be from 0 to 60 km / h in 3.2 seconds achieved and the maximum speed is about 245 miles per hour. The CCX functionality 6-speed manual transmission and damage can easily and smoothly, even under higher loads are performed.

9. Leblanc Mirabeau: $765,000
Mirabeau, the newest car from wysstec. A real piece of art with the spirit of race.The car is designed and prepared to fulfill all the FIA/Le Mans standards to drive the car in LeMans.Designed with 24 hours resilience test at Le mans. It can be driven on the road legally. Mirabeau is using 4.7-liter V8 engine, 700 hp, and can reach average speed of 230 mile / hours. Specially made to order, including for semi automatic transmission system version.

  10. SSC Ultimate Aero: $740,000
 SSC Ultimate Aero TT super sports car achieved a top speed of 411.76 km/h (255.83 miles/h) on a temporarily-closed 2 lane public highway in Washington State. Thus, the SSC Ultimate Aero becomes the fastest production car in the world.It has a turbo V8 engine outputting 1183 HP and 1094 lbs 

             What do you think. Do You plan to buy one of those most expensive cars this year?

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